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Rebecca Nitkin, Criminal Defense Attorney, has regularly appeared in the media as a Legal Analyst for several news outlets including: Good Morning America, The Today Show, FoxNews LIVE, Fox and Friends, Studio B with Shepard Smith, HLN, Fox Radio, On the Hunt, MSNBC, IN Session and Nancy Grace. Rebecca is often called to comment on legal developments, cases, and personalities.

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Top News Headlines of 2015

Rebecca Nitkin Discusses Cosby Arraignment

Hannity Can't Handle Hearing About Police Brutality

Making Money with Charles Payne 4/28

America’s Newsroom 5/2

Your World with Cavuto: Tracy Morgan Sues Wal Mart after Highway Collision

Your World with Cavuto: Can Lawyers Scan Jurors' Social Media?

Rebecca Nitkin- HLN News Now 4.14.14

Your World with Cavuto: NJ Super Bowl XLVIII Price Gouging

Your World with Cavuto: Passengers aboard a US Airways flight are forced to be treated for TB

FOX NEWS: Rebecca Nitkin Discusses Attorney Performance in George Zimmerman Murder Trial

Rebecca Nitkin discusses Sentencing Mitigation for Jodi Arias with Jane Velez-Mitchell

FOX NEWS: Marijuana Legalization and POT Panel

FOX NEWS: Title: Nurse who Failed to Render Aid & Criminal Defense

IN Session: Hemy Neuman Trial - Dad Killed Dropping Son Off at Day Care

IN Session: Wife’s Boss Kills Husband at Day Care

IN Session: Rebecca Nitkin Talks About the Hemy Neuman Trial Contd.

IN Session: Rebecca Nitkin Talks Witness Interaction in Georgia v. Neuman

Rebecca A. Nitkin Receives the 2011 Daily Record Leadership in Law Award

Rebecca Nitkin Joins Thom Hartmann to Discuss the Supreme Court's Decision on Strip Searching in Jails.

FoxNews On the Hunt: Rebecca Nitkin Weighs in on Controversial Topics Including; Ex-employee Sued Over Company Twitter Account, Deadly School Shooting in Ohio and the Tyler Clementi Rutgers Suicide Trial

Studio B: Judge Blocks Part of Abortion Law

Fox and Friends: WA Parents Held Liable for Kids’ Drinking

BarryBonds: Indicted

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Rebecca Nitkin, Criminal Defense Attorney, regularly appears in the media as a guest Legal Analyst for several productions including; IN Session, FoxNews LIVE, CNN, and The Willis Report.

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